Why You Should Share Your Story About Living With Epilepsy

Living with epilepsy is a challenging, rocky and trial-filled journey. However, epilepsy doesn’t hold the power over you in the palm of its hand unless you place it there. Each person’s journey is unique though there are similarities to be found. Sharing your story breaks the chains that epilepsy binds you with and attempts to binds you with as well as breaks the chains of stigma that still surround the condition to this very day.

Why should we share our stories about living with epilepsy?

Your Story Is Of Great And Meaningful Importance

Recurrent, unprovoked seizures also known as epilepsy, reaches out and takes hold on the hearts of those closest to you and the people surrounding. For many, it alters their lives as well as yours. To fathom that this experience is without meaning can simply not be. Every epilepsy story is profoundly important. To the people who have lived it, to all who have been affected in any way, and all humanity.

It’s Therapeutic

Numerous people revealed that when they were given their diagnosis, they were overcome with the feeling of loneliness. They felt embarrassed and ashamed. They withdrew themselves and hid among the shadows that welcomed them with open arms. When the moment strikes a chord within you to share about your condition, you will find an overwhelming sense of purpose to be proactive about your entire health and others who too are living with the very same condition.

It Is An Opportunity To Help Others

Sharing your story about living with epilepsy, whether just diagnosed or having lived with it for several years, can have a tremendous opportunity in helping others who are affected by epilepsy. In the beginning of your journey, you may have felt alone. You may be in the beginning of your journey right now. It is important to always remember that you are not alone. You have the ability to help others not feel alone in their journey too by sharing your story and experiences. Having that unique connection, starting that conversation with people who have the same condition as you or know someone who has the same condition as you, offers them comfort and peace of mind that others might not understand and in doing so, the feeling of loneliness dissolves.

It Strengthens Relationships

In sharing your story with family, life partners, and friends, you are building strong bridges of compassion, empathy for one another and communication. You are removing the bolts once placed upon the door of understanding and opening it up to potentially strengthen a relationship

Awareness Is Created

Still to this very day, epilepsy has stigma attached to it like a magnet to a refrigerator. Stigma can be crumbled by continuously creating awareness around epilepsy. Myths and misconceptions can be easily busted by speaking up and sharing your personal story.

Questions For The Reader

  1. What are aspects about your condition that you wish people knew?
  2.  What are characteristics or behavioral traits that you would like to change about yourself along your journey?
  3. What advice would you impart to others affected by epilepsy?

We can break the chains of stigma wrapped around epilepsy by lifting up the voices of people affected by epilepsy like me and like you!

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an Epilepsy Diagnosee, Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!


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