My Post-Seizure Migraine Remedy: Herbal Heat

Suffering a seizure is a difficult and extremely painful experience. Suffering a post-seizure migraine is also a difficult and extremely painful experience. I would compare it to a lot of things. One thing I would compare it to is being struck right in the head with a heavy frying pan. Immense pulsating pain all throughout the head. Its as though the brain is letting you know just how unpleasant it is to be electrocuted in a loud and angered way. Experiencing these migraines would render me weak and powerless to do anything at all for the entirety of the day or for multiple days at a time. On top of the weakness and instability I already experienced from the seizure alone, both combined are definitely battles and I am left completely outnumbered. There are many different methods to counteracting headaches and migraines. Some people prefer over-the-counter pain relievers, ice packs or cool compresses. Some even prefer heating pads or warm cloths. I’ve found these methods to provide very little to no relief at all for the intensity of the pain I encounter following a seizure. It seems they are no match for the pain. As I researched many methods and home remedies for a cure to headaches and migraines, I discovered a remedy that has helped me each and every seizure. Each and every post-seizure migraine. Herbal heat pillows. These pillows are microwavable, are infused with healthy relaxing herbs and can alleviate many areas of pain and tension. Some of the different types of herbs that these pillows can be found in are mint, chamomile, and even lavender.

I use a moist-heat herbal pillow by Earth Therapeutics infused with lavender that is a tremendous help for my post-seizure migraines that I would highly recommend. I purchased mine at Bed Bath & Beyond but these can also be purchased online as well. Although, any herbal heat pillow would also work just fine too. I chose lavender because lavender has been known to help with relaxation, epilepsy and seizures for quite some time!

Benefits Of Lavender

  • Slows Nervous System Activity
    Relaxation is both a physical and psychological phenomenon that can be prevented by either mental activity or physical activity. The nervous system, which controls everything from metabolism to digestion to heart rate and respiration, is calmed by the essential oil of lavender. Linalyl esters, which produce the particular scent of lavender, stimulate the olfactory nerve, which in turn slows down the activity of the nervous system.
  • Reduces Anxiety
    The increased physical calmness that results from the body’s response to lavender’s essential oil helps in decreasing psychological activity and reducing anxiety. Lavender also increases brain activity, which is associated with relaxation.
  • Lifts the Mood
    Lavender is also known to help calm fears and create more positive feelings. A recent study showed that, in particular, lavender was effective in significantly calming the fears of adult patients waiting for a dental appointment.
  • Promotes Deeper, Peaceful Sleep
    The physical and psychological calmness promoted by lavender, as well as the reduction in anxiety and the increased “good feelings,” lead to a calmer, deeper and more peaceful sleep, which is the ultimate in relaxation.

Benefits Of Lavender With Epilepsy

Courtesy of Livestrong.com, Research into the medicinal properties is ongoing, but studies have already proved lavender to produce small sedative, calming and soothing effects when its scent is inhaled. A scientific study conducted in 2007, “Autonomic Nervous Function and Localization of Cerebral Activity During Lavender Aromatic Immersion,” found that lavender fragrance had a positive effect on relaxation. This finding was based on positron emission tomography of female subjects’ brain sections. It is believed that lavender possesses anticonvulsant properties relating to the neurotransmitter GABA. These anticonvulsant properties were noted by a 1994 study which showed that inhalation of lavender oil reduced seizure activity. Because of its calming effect on the central nervous system, lavender is used to treat insomnia. This aspect of lavender could provide an indirect benefit if you suffer from both epilepsy and insomnia. As sleep deprivation is a common trigger for epileptic seizures, treating the insomnia with lavender would likely lead to a reduction in seizures caused by lack of sleep. More generally, the soothing effects of lavender might be of help to you if anxiety or panic attacks currently exacerbate your epileptic symptoms.

I most certainly don’t know what I would do without this herbal heat pillow. 30-60 seconds in the microwave is all it takes. Within moments of placing this pillow upon my aching head, the heat absorbs to the source of the pain and soothes it away causing me relief and relaxation as I recover from the seizures I endure. If you don’t have this pillow or one like it, I highly suggest that you purchase one for you or the person that you love struggling with Epilepsy as soon as you’re able. If you try this type of product out and find that it has helped you, do please let me know what you think and how well it has worked for you or your loved one.

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an Epilepsy Diagnosee, Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!


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