How I Thrive With Epilepsy

I want to thrive. Not just survive.

Early this morning, I took a look outside, where our flowers grow. I knelt down and glanced at the cherry red flower pot soaking in the morning sun. Inside this flower pot held our Moonflower sprout. Weeks before, we had a big and strong Moonflower plant preparing to bloom. My husband and I, so thrilled at the sight! Unfortunately cut down by gardeners.

Admiring these new, strong, beautiful sprouts that had come to greet the world so quickly brought a smile to my face and warmth to my spirit. Thriving. Though having faced a difficult trial, they continued to thrive.

As we aught to, amidst any difficult trial or tribulation such as the journey of a medical condition.

The Moonflower plant that had been cut down reminded me of the difficulty not only I had faced following my diagnosis, but my spouse as well. It was not easy. We essentially hit rock bottom. Losing so much. Our jobs. My car. Our home.

My heart was broken in many pieces. My faith was shaken. I cried so often, my eyes ran out of tears.

Though I was emotionally and spiritually wounded, I held on for dear life. Refusing to quit. Refusing to give up. Our families refused to allow neither Chris my husband nor I to drown. Rallying around us like a warm sunlight embrace.

We metaphorically reached out our hands for God and He reached back, lifting us up mending our broken hearts and rekindling the flames of our spirits.

Like the new, strong Moonflower sprouts I admired, I began to sprout again. I began to thrive again. Yes. It is possible to not only survive with epilepsy but to thrive. You must have a willingness, a fighting spirit for the journey.

Understand that there is a major contradiction between surviving and thriving. Upon becoming diagnosed, you are not instantly transformed into glass. Fragile and abilities shelved. Life still continues on. Miraculously. Wonderfully. Remarkably. Challenge yourself. Make memories. Set goals. Accomplish feats. Just be mindful of your limits. Be mindful of your seizure triggers. Be responsible.

As the flower loves soaking up the sun, too much sun can hurt the flower.

Having traveled this journey with epilepsy now almost nine years, I’ve come to understand quite a bit in not allowing epilepsy to stand in my way of thriving mindfully. Sometimes I stumble, I’m not always perfect, however to hide away is to allow epilepsy to have the upper-hand and that I just cannot do. Neither should you.

Diagnosis has revealed the value of life. Physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health is vital. Accomplishing goals and challenges touches my heart with joy. Drawing closer to family is paramount.

As we take each breath, we cannot say how many seconds, moments, hours, days we have and all is so precious. To be cherished.

Thrive. Don’t simply survive.

Though epilepsy walks alongside us unwelcome in this journey of life, we are alive. Live to the fullest.

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an Epilepsy Diagnosee, Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!


  • Colleen

    Thank you for your website concerning epilepsy. I was told your site has many helpful articles for people who have epilepsy (like myself) or who want to understand the disability better.

  • Cindy Beeson

    Thank you. That is what I needed to be reminded of. God put you on my smart phone this morning. Being on Facebook for more than about 5 minutes can start a headache for me, but this post was right near the beginning. Now I’m “signing out” until another day with a new perspective.

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