Epilepsy Awareness Inspiration – DJ Hapa

“We will continue to fight the stigmas and do our best to aid those in our community that not only have Epilepsy, but are also affected by it.” — DJ HAPA

djhapapurpleBrandon Perdue, better known as DJ Hapa, artist and director of the Scratch DJ Academy, is well-known on the Hollywood scene and worldwide for his skills on the turntables. He first discovered he had epilepsy in high school — where he excelled as a student-athlete and was awarded the highly regarded Regents Scholarship to attend UCLA.

DJ Hapa is the first celebrity from the hip-hop community to identify himself with the condition, and is proud to be featured as a national spokesperson for Epilepsy Therapy Project which raises money to fund research to find new therapies for people living with Epilepsy.

As we make our way into the middle of Epilepsy Awareness Month 2014, the epilepsy community as a whole and I were elated to see that DJ Hapa had posted a message to Facebook for all on the journey of epilepsy and those affected by this condition as well.

“Hope all of you have been well. This month marks Epilepsy Awareness Month and I certainly want to do my part in spreading the word and creating more awareness about the condition that I have learned to accept and embrace. I have been fortunate enough to be seizure free for 6 years now, but there are so many of my friends out there that continue to have seizures on a weekly, daily, and sometimes even hourly basis. We will continue to fight the stigmas and do our best to aid those in our community that not only have Epilepsy, but are also affected by it (friends, family, classmates, co-workers).

Big thank you to all of the people out there that are on the front lines-

Epilepsy Foundation Greater Los Angeles ‪#‎EndEpilepsy‬”

As someone having been traveling on this journey seeking a cure for this condition for myself and us all for 6 years, this inspirational message uplifted my spirits and fanned the flame of faith and hope illuminated within my spirit. How encouraging to have such an awesome person stand up and speak up about his own personal journey and deliver a message of strength and overcoming. To let it be known that he wants to do his part in spreading the word and create more awareness about the condition that he has learned to accept and embrace.

In reading this message, there was only one sentence I found I could follow up with, “Thank you God.” How awesome to know that DJ Hapa was not afraid to take to the platform and tell the world that he has epilepsy. That he opened his heart and showed his support for all who are on their journey battling seizures every hour, every day, every week seeking a cure. His message was without doubt a message that I applaud and am very thankful that he felt compelled to compose.

celebepilepsydjhapaI personally have not met DJ Hapa, however it is my hope that one day an opportunity may arise and I could meet him so that I can thank him for being such an amazing inspiration for me and so many others on their journey with epilepsy. I believe that he will continue on to do many more great things within the epilepsy community and go on to inspire many others along their journeys as well.

It is also my hope that others will be encouraged to speak out about living with epilepsy, knowing “You are not alone.”

Thank you DJ Hapa for being an Epilepsy Awareness Inspiration!

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an Epilepsy Diagnosee, Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!

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