"The More You Know" – About Epilepsy


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela


  • Focused on education, diversity, health, Internet safety and the environment.
  • Established in 1989
  • Calls on celebrities to share powerful, inspirational messages, sparking conversations and motivating action across communities.
  • This multiplatform campaign includes on-air and online content across a wide range of NBCUniversal and Comcast platforms, as well as The More You Know Learning Series free ebook, “Growing Up Online.”
  • The More You Know partners with leading nonprofits and government agencies to ensure they deliver the most credible, useful, timely information possible.

NBC talent featured in this year’s campaign include:

  • Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, Usher and Carson Daly (The Voice)
  • Mariska Hargitay, Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish (Law & Order SVU)
  • Seth Meyers (Late Night with Seth Meyers)
  • Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, Willie Geist and Natalie Morales (TODAY)
  • Brian Williams, Tom Brokaw and Dr. Nancy Snyderman (NBC News)
  • Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince (The Biggest Loser)
  • Retta (Parks and Recreation)
  • Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong (Community)
  • Erika Christensen (Parenthood)
  • James Scott (Days of Our Lives)
  • Meghan Markle (USA’s Suits)
  • Ross Matthews (E! Hello Ross)
  • Kris Jenner (E! Keeping Up With the Kardashians)
  • Chris Hayes (MSNBC’s All In)
  • Jim Cramer (CNBC’s Mad Money)
  • Reza Farahan(Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset)
  • Daisy Fuentes (Telemundo’s La Voz Kids)
  • McKenzie Westmore (Syfy’s Face Off)
  • Jim Cantore (The Weather Channel)
  • Susie Castillo (Oxygen)
  • Carly Ciarrocchi and Tim Kubart (Sprout’s The Sunny Side Up Show)and Fernando
  • Martha Vargas (mun2’s Welcome to Los Vargas)


  • The less fear there will be.
  • The less worry there will be.
  • The less stigma there will be.
  • The more of a willingness to help there will be.
  • The more of a willingness to pass laws that need passed, it is our greatest hope.
  • The more encouragement and motivation will be raised everywhere with those living with epilepsy.
  • The more of an understanding and compassion there will be.


The opportunity to collaborate with a celebrity who is willing and speak to the community about epilepsy. Epilepsy needs to be placed on a platform for all of the world to see and understand.


  • Visit “The More You Know” Facebook page and other social media pages! Share this blog here! Let them know that you want everyone to have a greater understanding of Epilepsy!
  • Reach out to ComCast/NBCUniversal! Let them know that you want everyone to have a greater understanding of Epilepsy through a “The More You Know” Campaign!
  • Know a celebrity that you might be perfect for this “The More You Know” Campaign? Share this blog with them and let them know that you want the world to have a greater understanding of epilepsy!

Epilepsy is a neurological condition affecting over 65 million men, women and children worldwide. Anyone at any time for a multitude of reasons can be diagnosed with this condition and we must do all in our power to raise awareness, educate the world and break down the stigma surrounding this condition still to this very day. We must ban together to find a cure to put an end to epilepsy. There is strength in numbers.

The more that is known, the less power epilepsy has.

Let us take the power away from epilepsy! Share your thoughts in the comments!

I am a happily-ever-after wife, an Epilepsy Diagnosee, Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!


  • Susan

    Awesome site. Thank you for the effort you make for Epilepsy. I have felt the same here in South Africa – Epilepsy sufferers are stigmatised and my son was bullied so badly I moved schools. I will not Epilepsy get him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tiffany Kairos

      Thank you very much Susan. 🙂 It is my mission to help rid the stigmatization wherever it may be found. I am so sorry that your son faced bullying. I am very happy to hear your determination! This in turn will help him to become stronger and determined as well!

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