No Laughing Matter – The League

“What they don’t feel they can’t comprehend.” D. Lauchengco


It has been roughly 4 months since the last time I’ve spoken on the topic on mainstream media taking jabs at epilepsy and seizures. We have arrived, this year within the middle of Epilepsy Awareness Month 2014 upon being given the unfortunate news that the FX Network television show The League had aired an episode titled “Epi-Sexy”

In this particular episode, “Epi-Sexy”, features a character of the show who begins a relationship with a girl who has seizures during sex. Throughout the show, various unsettling and from my perspective, offensive comments were made in regards to seizures

Both my husband and I watched the entire episode together to get the full spectrum of what the episode was about. At the end of the episode, I was left of course feeling absolutely hurt that once again television networks and television shows would green light epilepsy and seizures as a source for comedy. That once again our journeys that are in such demand for awareness and understanding, would instead be brushed aside by folks such as these and used as props for comedic relief.

However, I planted my soul firm in the ground of faith in knowing with assurance that change will happen because we are the change. Each one of us advocating for the cause right now in this very moment. Each and every single day. Every one of us on our individual journeys are together as one united force for change.

If you would like to send a letter to the FX Network visit the following link:

FX and the television show The League can also be found via social media too! Let your voice be heard! Epilepsy awareness is key to making a difference. Let’s put an end to laughing matter aspect of epilepsy and seizures. Especially within the public eye!


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