“Be the light that helps others see.” — Unknown

When I began my journey of epilepsy back in 2008, each step I took, I took trembling with fear of the unknown. Fear of what to expect. Fear of so much. However, within me, as I felt the quaking sure enough, I too felt the strength unwavering propelling me forward saying “I will walk by faith even when I cannot see.” I felt the presence of God and His mighty Angels walking alongside me as I made my way forward in this journey as they continue to each and every day. As do all my friends and all my family too. How blessed am I? Like anything when you begin something new, something unfamiliar to you of course it’s going to be scary at first. It may even be challenging. It sure was for me. And no, not every day is smooth sailing. There are bumps in this journey but it’s important to smile through them as optimistic as possible along the way.

Since 2008, I’ve made it my mission to rise above my diagnosis with optimism to the best of my ability and dedicate my entire life to advocating to the condition that I live with affecting over 65 million men, women and children around the world. It is a cause that I am the most passionate about. A cause that I vow to be a part of until my very last breath.

Some may think of Epilepsy as a hardship. No, epilepsy isn’t always the easiest condition to live with. It’s difficult, yes. However, I can think of countless ways epilepsy has too, opened my heart and blessed my life. Changed me for the better and strengthened many relationships, especially my relationship with God.

This year, it will be 6 years living with Epilepsy. Amazing how time rushes by. In the 6 years that I have been living with epilepsy and advocating for the cause, I have spoken with many people about my journey and have been blessed to help many people along their own journeys. Earlier today, I received an absolutely wonderful heartfelt letter from a good friend of mine who asked to remain anonymous. A letter in which I will share below. I was so moved by her words, I was left speechless. To know that I had helped her and others in such a way touched my heart in a very beautiful and unforgettable way.


“In a world where silence is the social norm, few are courageous enough to stand up and tell their personal stories…stories of struggle, persistence, and even triumph. My heart and eyes have been opened to the importance of not only sharing ones experiences, but the importance of simply expressing ones emotion…be it blogging publicly, anonymously, or simply through pen and paper. I have discovered that written words give us strength, regardless of what form we choose to express them.Over recent weeks I am grateful to have met an individual who has shown her courage and is unafraid to stand up and share her personal journey and positivity to the world. Though I still struggle outwardly in expressing my own experiences and emotions, this individual has inspired me to begin my own journey in opening up, even if my path remains an anonymous one. So thank you, Tiffany, for sharing your story with the world and for being voice for the rest of us. You show us what it means to be fearless against odds and to keep smiling regardless of circumstances.” — Anonymous

I would like to extend a sincere and loving thank you to my good friend who took the time to write such a kind article! I was truly moved by this and feel so honored that you feel as though I am an inspiration to you. I hope to always be that voice along this epilepsy journey and to always encourage each and every person out there to grab a hold of fearlessness, stand strong and weather the storm no matter what. United, we are all in this together.


I am a happily-ever-after wife, an Epilepsy Diagnosee, Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!

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