From Setback To Comeback

“Every setback leaves behind a path to make your comeback.”


When we become diagnosed with epilepsy, our very first thought as patients, as parents of a loved one with epilepsy, as a spouse of the one we love with epilepsy, as a family member or friend of someone with epilepsy is “What can be done to become seizure free?” The ultimate goal is freedom from the terrible medical condition that is attacking our neurological system.

The moments in which we achieve seizure freedom, those we call “Seizure-Free Milestones” are like breaks in the stormy clouds in which you can see and feel the sunshine stream down. Those living with epilepsy, spouses, family, friends, everyone celebrates these milestones together because any moment in which seizures are not interfering is a moment of bliss. These seizure-free milestones may be a day without, a week without, a month, a year or even multiple years! No matter when a person decides to celebrate, celebrating seizure-freedom is extremely inspiring and motivating for the journey.

Why You Should Celebrate Seizure-Free Milestones

  • Inspires/Motivates/Encourages
  • You are showing epilepsy that you refuse to give up
  • You are showing epilepsy that it does not have you

How Can You Celebrate Seizure-Free Milestones

  • Sharing a photo/video via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) declaring how long you have been seizure free

How do you celebrate you Seizure-Free Milestones? Share in the comments section below!


There are times that we run into the bumps in the road of our journey that we do not like. These are called “Setbacks.” The moments in which we come so far having not had a seizure, and then a seizure surprises us out of nowhere. What sort of setbacks do some face?

  • Emotional (Heartache, Sadness, Depression, Frustration, Anger, Confusion)
  • Medication (Having to readjust or begin seizure medication once again)

What setbacks have you faced? Share in the comments section below!

Setbacks can be a challenging road to travel. Confronting us in just about all ways possible causing us to feel as though we want to wave the white flag and give up. However, that is exactly what we should not do. Rather, we should know this with absolute confidence: Setbacks are our building blocks for an astounding comeback!

Don’t ever feel overcome by a setback. Allow yourself to be strengthened and encouraged to fight back.

Should you find that you have been faced with a set-back, there are plenty of positive approaches you can take to rise above for an astonishing comeback!

From Setback To Comeback

  • Do not blame yourself, anyone or anything (Do not blame at ALL)
  • Focus on your goal: Seizure Freedom
  • Make a decision (Once your vision is in place, you’ve got to decide that are going to achieve it, regardless of the setback.)
  • Take action (Do everything your Doctor tells you and you know to be true to be seizure free and healthy. Remember, epilepsy is not your fault but you are responsible for doing everything in your power to fight back. Those who act are more likely to achieve their goals.)
  • Hold onto the motivation (No matter how hard things may get, never lose the desire to fight, the will to win. How badly do you want to achieve seizure freedom? What are you willing to do to achieve seizure freedom?)

Viewing an epilepsy setback as an opportunity to grow stronger, braver, wiser, even more inspired allows you to be better prepared every single time. Not only that, you may very well be inspiring someone else who could be going through the exact or a very similar situation. Remember that every setback can be seen as building blocks for an incredible comeback! Continually make great things happen in your life and in the lives of those around you. Surround yourself with positivity know that the best is yet to come!

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