Facing Epilepsy Stigmas

Facing Epilepsy Stigmas head on is the greatest way to rise above the misinformation hovering around like a dark stormy cloud.

Terrible myths have been told about what epilepsy is and about people who live with the condition. Myths such as these can take such a toll on those living with this condition and their families too. With that, I’ve decided to detail these epilepsy stigmas to help the world gain a greater understanding of just how bazaar these stigmas truly are in reality.

Below, I will describe the epilepsy stigma and from there include an illustration to go along with it. When a person experiences epilepsy stigma, it is unique to the individual. I encourage you to describe your experiences following this article!

Some believe that epilepsy is contagious! You cannot catch epilepsy from someone else.

Some people believe that epilepsy is caused by demon possession! This is undoubtedly the most frightening, most dangerous and most uneducated information about epilepsy and seizures. Unfortunately, still in this day and age there are some that do believe this very myth.


Some people believe that those having a seizure are in danger of swallowing their tongue. They are not. It is impossible to swallow your tongue. Nothing though, should go into the mouth of a person having a seizure.


Some people believe that people with epilepsy cannot hold a job. People with epilepsy are employed in all kinds of positions in business, government, medicine and many other fields.


Some people believe only humans have epilepsy. Epilepsy can occur in animals and has been identified in dogs and cats!


When we continually open up and speak out about epilepsy, educating the public, sharing about our journey, we are shattering the stigma surrounding the condition still in existence today! Have you experienced epilepsy stigma? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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