Creating An Epilepsy Care Package

It can be a challenge to lend a helping hand when you discover that a friend or family member has epilepsy. Here, I suggest putting together a care package of useful items:

  • WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT – Handwritten cards, inspirational quotes, and messages


  •  TRAVEL HELP – Assistance to the grocery store, doctors office, pharmacy etc.


  • ENTERTAINMENT – Books, movies, magazines, music and games to help keep your mind busy and to pass the time.


  • JOURNAL – To keep personal thoughts or to keep track of treatments.


  • Aromatherapy –  Frankincense Oil helps the limbic portions of the brain, which, in turn, aids in memory and emotional releases. It can be very beneficial and supportive!


  • The Gift Of Your Presence – What really matters most is just being there for the person. Encourage and support him or her. That truly is the greatest gift of all.

What other items would you include in your Epilepsy Care Package? Write and let me know what you think!




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