Answered Prayer: Going To The National Walk For Epilepsy Washington DC

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

When I became diagnosed with Epilepsy in December of 2008, I lost quite a bit. I lost my ability to drive my own car. My car was next to smashed beyond our financial means to repair it. Lost my ability to work a part time job. For a short while I lost the ability to do much of anything independently. The thought of even taking a walk alone to clear my head was something that slipped away from me as a possibility. “I could have a seizure along the way and be all alone.”, I thought. “No one would know where I was.” I had to restructure many routines of my life as I adjusted to this new diagnosis. I quickly adapted to new routines and my new way of life. Having family and friends around me that love and care about my well being was comforting and supportive. It was remedy to my hurting soul. Mending to my then, broken heart. Over time, I regained physical and spiritual strength and found new pathways of independence. Leading me to battle my seizures, continue on living life and begin advocating for epilepsy awareness worldwide!

Not long into my diagnosis and advocating for Epilepsy, I discovered that The Epilepsy Foundation Of America hosts a National Walk For Epilepsy in Washington DC every year. Every March 22nd on the Washington Monument Grounds. The moment I stumbled upon this discovery, my soul filled with awe and wonder. My awe and wonder however was cloaked with sadness and doubt knowing that being able to attend such a walk was a distant dream as we faced mountains of medical bills and having lost our first home because of my car accident and seizure diagnosis, we were also at that time working towards regaining a new place to call home. Thankfully, until we could get back on our feet, our family took us in and gave us a place to stay.

Soon enough, we did gain a place to call home and dreams once again began to flourish a little at a time. My husband began to intently focus on his graphic design business, I began to intently focus on my health, advocacy, dreams and goals. One of those dreams and goals always being front and center: Attending the National Walk For Epilepsy in Washington DC.  Every day and night I’d pray for God to provide a way, in his time and in his way. At times, I would begin to doubt. Sometimes I’d shed a tear or two. There would be times if I would wonder if I should set this particular dream free. Other times I would verbally encourage myself to not give up no matter how far away the dream seemed. Trying to bounce back financially was and sometimes still is an uphill battle. Alongside medical bills are its friends called Those Other Bills. Bills that gladly tag along every adults life.

“One day. One day I’ll get there” I always declared to friends and family. So confident in spirit and in words but never really knowing how in the world I’d ever accomplish such a dream. I never really liked doubt and I never wanted to encourage him to tag along in my life. I changed my way of thinking in such a way that, I thought, if God wants me to be there, He’ll pave me a way. He’ll bring me there. If not, I know then it just wasn’t meant to be. But I won’t ever doubt God, doubt my prayers, doubt that God knows the desires of my heart.

This past December marked my 5 year epilepsy diagnosis anniversary. So much not so good and so much good happened along the 5 year journey for myself, my husband and family. God opened the floodgates of lessons and blessings down upon all of us within that amount of time. The flame of my hearts desire to want to attend the walk for epilepsy in 2014 grew within my soul more than years past. I began to pray harder than ever before. Work harder than ever before to do what I could to achieve this dream. All the while, reminding myself to keep doubt out of my heart and mind.

As 2014 rolled in and time pressed on, doubt went from knocking on my door, to rapping on my door wanting me to take notice of it. Even if only for a moment. The more I felt the doubt working its way in, the harder I prayed. The stronger I believed. I wanted 2014 to be the year. The year I finally made it to DC to walk alongside my thousands of brothers and sisters in purple. To walk alongside my fellow advocates and diagnosees. To see the faces of those walking the same journey as I walk. To represent not only The Epilepsy Foundation Of America but too, my organization that I’d created with the help of my husband Chris, The Epilepsy Network (TEN). Kindred spirits all seeking after the exact same things. Understanding, acceptance, awareness, advocacy and most importantly a cure.

“One day. One day I’ll get there.” I kept reminding myself with a smile on my face and a light blazing within my soul. Sure enough, God declared March 22, 2014 my day for my long awaited prayer to be answered. My husband, my loving, supportive, compassionate husband quietly began to construct a plan to help the two of us to make it to Washington DC for the walk for Epilepsy this very year. Just the other day, he revealed the idea he had been working on. On the inside, confetti soared, party balloons released, cheering and shouting began. On the outside, I stood peaceful with calm, cool collectiveness. Analyzing his announcement that we would be traveling to Washington DC for the walk as if I hadn’t heard him clearly. I smiled with hesitation not wanting to get my hopes up. If I had allowed myself to, I would have reenacted Tom Cruises reaction to Oprah Winfrey as he declared his love for Katie Holmes. Jumping on our couch and shouting with utter joy. “Really? We’re really going to go?” I couldn’t believe and I still find myself finding it hard to believe that we are indeed going to go. As days go by, my excitement grows. God heard my prayers. My family heard my prayers. The love of my life heard my prayers and my prayers were answered. I’m sure of it, when the day comes to hit the road my excitement will shoot through the roof. This will certainly fall into the list of one of the greatest days of my life.

A lot of people might say that Epilepsy is a devastating life ruining condition. I thought this way at first. But no, God blessed me with this condition for a lot of great reasons to do a lot of great things with my life and to help others within their lives too. How thankful I am to God for strengthening me in such a way. Also too, how thankful I am for my family and friends for their love and support along the way. Had it not been for them as well, I wouldn’t be nearly as strong and full of bravery as I am today. Not one of them allowed me to stay down when I had fallen to the ground. They’ve been my solid rocks along the entire way. When we told them of our ambitions to travel to Washington DC they were more than happy to support us in any way that we might need. How blessed are we. Below are pictures of my mother, sister-in-law and husband Chris.







So today, with joy in my heart, I registered for the Walk For Epilepsy in Washington DC. Asking all friends & family to support us and epilepsy awareness by making a donation to help us reach our goal of $250.00 for The Epilepsy Foundation Of America! If you would like to join in and help us reach this goal, click here: DONATE IN SUPPORT OF TIFFANY KAIROS to donate any amount. Whether it be $0.01 or $1.00 or more, any amount donated will be a tremendous blessing! Within this link, you can also watch my Epilepsy Awareness video “The World Needs To Know” which has reached over 4,000 views on Youtube!



Pictures will certainly be soon to follow of the event and the many wonderful individuals I will have the pleasure of meeting at the walk. Thank you first and foremost to God my loving Father in Heaven and Lord and Savior. Thank you immensely to my family for your love and support for me and all that I do. Thank you eternally to my husband Chris who loved me before and after my Epilepsy diagnosis, for taking notice of how important attending this walk is to me and helping me achieve this dream and for choosing to walk alongside me March 22, 2014.

Just a heads up, if I cry that day, I promise you they are tears of joy, tears of finally achieving this long awaited dream and tears of hope that one day there will be a cure for each and every one of us on this journey.

For those attending the walk, I look forward to seeing you there! Until we meet in DC!


I am a happily-ever-after wife, an Epilepsy Diagnosee, Advocate for Epilepsy Awareness (The Epilepsy Network), life lover & Christ inspired! Life is a journey and I'm loving every moment of it. Even the bumps in the road!

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